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Our Sweet Angel Flies Home

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Bobbi in Atchison At 5p.m. Pacific Standard Time, January 24, 2003, our precious Bobbi Trout left this earth for a new adventure. We prefer to think that her flight plan is not "closed," but that she has charted a new one. It is our great and painful loss, and we will miss her beyond words. It was Bobbi's wish that there would be no ceremony. All that she asked was that one day, a month or two down the road, her close friends would gather and have a toast. Well, our Darling, it was arranged.

As she so desired, we hope this website will prove to be a place where people will come to remember her, and more importantly, to know her for the first time and read about all the good and wonderful things that she accomplished in her 97 years. will continue to grow. We have a backlog of photos and memorabilia that Bobbi wanted to share with the world, and so she shall have exactly what she wanted. It will take years to get to everything, so there will be much to look forward to.

A very special and heartfelt thanks to Cheryl Baker, who was with Bobbi every step of the way for so many years. Cheryl said that Bobbi was "in charge" to the very end and that she went peacefully.

The photo shown is one of Bobbi's favorites taken by photographer Donald Martin in Atchison, Kansas, at the Forest of Friendship Ceremony in June of 2002. (Bobbi called it her "angel" photo because she said it looked like she had a halo.)

Sweet dreams, Sweet Angel. We love you . . . forever.