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HER STORY (page 6)

She never ran out of ideas, ventures and ingenuity. In 1949, Bobbi got her real estate broker's license and opened a real estate office. In the next several decades, she tried her hand at offset printing and later opened a life insurance and mutual funds office. In 1976, Bobbi bought her present condominium in North San Diego County. Later, in 1976, the OX5 Aviation pioneers presented Bobbi with the Outstanding Women's Award. In 1977, she participated in a film record of aviation history sponsored by the American Hall of Aviation History. In 1984, the OX5 Club of America again honored her as a member of the OX5 Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame, and in 1989, she was awarded the Elder Statesman Award and traveled to Washington, DC to receive that honor. In 1993, she became a member of the Women in Aviation's Hall of Fame. On January 18, 1996, Bobbi became the first woman to receive the Howard Hughes Memorial Award for her lifetime contributions to aviation.

On February 11, 1984, she celebrated the 55th anniversary of the "First Woman To Fly All Night." Bobbi celebrated her 80th birthday on January 7, 1986, being interviewed while hovering over the Golden Gate Bridge in a helicopter.

Also in 1986, Bobbi was honored on May 28th at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama during the "Gathering of The Eagles," where she ranked prominently among the world's most highly honored aviation luminaries, adding to her list of awards, certificates and recognitions for her many achievements. A Los Angeles TV station, KTLA, recently recognized the 65th anniversary of the opening of the United Air Terminal at Burbank. A special TV interview featured Bobbi Trout--the winner of the women's air race held 65 years ago in connection with the airport's opening.

During her 95 years, Bobbi set an impressive number of aviation records, and in July of 1999, Bobbi received a proclamation from the city of Los Angeles for her 70 years promotion and advancement of aviation. Bobbi has also been recognized as an accomplished inventor. The only living participant in the first Women's Air Derby of 1929, Bobbi Trout still reflects the strength, enthusiasm and courage that took her to the peak of her chosen profession--truly, a living legend.