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A Golden Eagle Returns to the Skies!

A Note from Bill Rasmussen - May 25, 2004

The 1929 Golden Eagle Chief NC68N flew last night for thirty minutes. All went well with a lot of apprehension on my part. The weather was perfect with a five mile an hour wind right down 11 our 6000 ft runway. It is a very docile airplane and tracks right down the runway. The big rudder has more effectiveness than the tail wheel and thus takes smaller inputs after the tail comes up.

I climbed out at 70 miles an hour and flew above the airport. During that time several people up flying had to join up and give us a wave. I did some turns, slow flight and a stall. All went well and none of the bad things I had envisioned the last couple of weeks happened. In the end we made a nice landing on the grass and it rumbled to a stop. For a moment it was 1929 all over again. I feel sad Bobbi Trout wasn't around to see it and give me pointers on what I did wrong.



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