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View messages to Bobbi from those who know and love her.
Read the archive file of January 24, 2003.
Get information about the Bobbi Trout Scholarship Fund!

The Celebration of Bobbi Trout Will Go On and On
An Archive of the Event

On February 23, 2003, Burbank Airport was kind enough to donate the use of Hangar #34 for a Celebration of Bobbi Trout's Life. Before her passing on January 24, 2003, Bobbi asked only that a few of her friends get together in a hangar and have a toast. Little did she know that more than just a few friends would show up . . . some very special people took the time to participate in a ceremony that will be remembered and cherished. You can relive the moments, or be a part of them for the first time, by accessing the areas below.

Photo Galleries - Currently, we have four photo galleries. Use the "Photo Galleries" link to the left to access the photos. Each gallery will allow you to pick a photo and continue to the next photo, or back to the previous photo you accessed, by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top right of each page. You may move to a new gallery within a photo page by clicking the middle (up) arrow. (Please note that we have done our best to get correct names and spellings of names. If corrections are necessary, please contact us by using the email link at the bottom left of the menu area.)

Program - For those were not there, or did not receive a program, an edited copy of it can now be viewed. (Due to time constraints, the actual program was changed to the list of items we have posted.)

Lorraine O'Donnell Doyle's Presentation - Lorraine has given us permission to post the beautiful thoughts she shared on Sunday, February 23, 2003, concerning her friendship with Bobbi and Bobbi's life accomplishments.

Thank You Page - The event could not have happened without the efforts of many of Bobbi's friends and fans. We have a list of thank-you notes posted to show the appreciation Bobbi would have wanted us to convey.

Cheryl Baker's Power Point Presentation - Cheryl did such a wonderful job with her photo presentation of Bobbi's life that we have created an edited version as a Macromedia Flash® slide show. The Flash file contains photos of Bobbi's early life and record-breaking days. (NOTE: You will need the Flash pluggin on your browser to view this file. If you do not have the Flash pluggin, upgrade your browser, or visit and click on the "Downloads" link. The Flash version will take over three minutes to load on a 56K modem connection.)

"If I Reach" - Many of you expressed your desire to have a copy of the song, "If I Reach" that was written especially for Bobbi and played during her celebration. We will be making the piano/vocal version of that song available to those who would like to order it. Proceeds from the sales of this version of the song will be donated to the Bobbi Trout Scholarship Fund (after the cost of CD reproduction). We will have more information available on how to order the song and more information on the Scholarship Fund as we continue to create site files. The song is also a part of the Flash version of Cheryl Baker's Power Point presentation.

Letter from the Webmaster - A personal note concerning Bobbi and the event.