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Flight Testing Golden Eagle - Establishes World Altitude Flight Record

Golden Eagle Douglas engineers re-designed the original experimental Golden Eagle Monoplane. Wanting to test the capabilities of the new ship, Bobbi Trout, demonstration pilot for the Golden Eagle Monoplane company, strapped herself into the cockpit of the new ninety-horsepower Golden Eagle Chief just four months after her second endurance flight. On June 16, 1929, Bobbi was ready for her next challenge. Taking off out of Grand Central Air Terminal, the Kinner engine whined as she spiraled upward. The air was thin and very cold at 15,000 feet. Bobbi sensed the Golden Eagle Chief was struggling to reached maximum capability, but at 15,200 feet, she could not coax any more out of the altimeter and was forced to return to the terminal. Bobbi had broken the record, she had shattered the 12,747 altitude record for light-class aircraft. Bobbi's name and the Golden Eagle Chief again made the news with the story syndicated worldwide. Thousands who had come to watch the Curtiss-Wright flying service air demonstrations saw Miss Trout climb into her tiny plane and ascend until the ship was a mere speck. Miss Trout's barograph was sent to Washington for certification of a new world record for light aircraft registering 15,200 ft. View the list of important dates and record flights:

01/07/06    Bobbi is born in Greenup, Illinois.

12/27/22    Bobbi takes her first airplane ride at age 16.

01/01/28    Bobbi takes her first lesson in flight training.

03/15/28    Bobbi survives a crash while training as a pilot. (Her instructor at the controls was attempting a demonstration of emergency landings.)

04/30/28    Bobbi solos.

1928    Bobbi buys her first airplane, an international K-6.

12/16/28    Bobbi pilots the Golden Eagle Monoplane to a 1st place finish in the women's closed course pylon race at dedication of LA Metro Airport.

01/2/29    Bobbi sets record for women's endurance flight: 12 hours, 11 minutes at Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys, CA; it is also the longest night flight by a woman to date.

02/10-11/29    Bobbi recaptures woman's solo endurance record in Los Angeles: 17 hours, 5 minutes. Also captures the first all-night solo flight by a woman.

06/16/29    Bobbi sets altitude record of 15,200 feet for light plane.

08/18-26/29    Bobbi flies in first women's cross-country race named the "Powder Puff Derby" (by humorist Will Rogers) from Clover Field, Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, OH.

09/10/29    Bobbi and Louise Thaden make plans to capture the women's land plane endurance refueling record in a Travel Air 600 with 300hp Wright J 6-9. The projected flight was never made.

11/16-17/29    Bobbi and Elinor Smith attempt the women's land plane refueling endurance record at LA Metropolitan Airport, Van Nuys CA. Forced down when engine went to pieces. The flight lasted 18 hours, 26 minutes.

11/25-26/29    Bobbi and Elinor Smith attempt women's land plane refueling endurance record. Takeoff at 8:29a.m., landed 2:45p.m. Forced-down flight lasted 6 hours, 16 minutes, with two refueling contacts.

11/27-29/29    Bobbi and Elinor Smith set the first land plane refueling endurance flight record for women--42 hours, 3 and 1/2 minutes with 3 and 1/2 refueling contacts. Refueling ship, the Pigeon, had engine failure, forcing the landing of the Sunbeam. At LA Metropolitan Airport, Van Nuys, CA, they achieve the American and World Record.

05/30-31/30    Bobbi wins woman's air race at opening of United Airport, Burbank, CA, flying a Kinner Fleet and winning the Pratt Whitney Trophy.

05/31/30    Bobbi receives transport license #2613, becoming the fifth woman in the USA to obtain this rating.

06/01/30    Bobbi sets new women's cabin monoplane altitude record of 15,200 feet over LA.

01/01/31    Bobbi and Edna May Cooper attempt in-air-refueling flight taking off at 3:30p.m. The Curtis Pigeon was unable to start for the refueling of the "Lady Rolph," causing a night landing as fuel ran out.

01/04/31    Bobbi and Edna May Cooper try for new refueling record.

01/09/31    Bobbi and Edna May Cooper land after 122 hours, 50 minutes covering 7,367 miles, using 1,138 gals of fuel with 22 fuel contacts, only forced down with a cracked piston. They achieve an American and World record.

01/30/31    Bobbi receives the Medallion from the Federation Aeronautique International.

07/11/33    Bobbi receives Aviation Gold Cross from King Carol of Rumania. (Note of Interest: In honor of Bobbi's recognition, Pancho Barnes had a big party at her home in San Marino, CA, and Louie B. Mayer brought several movie stars. It was a large party with family and flyers. A representative of King Carol presented Bobbi with the Cross.)

10/01/76    Bobbi receives the Outstanding Women's Award from the OX5 Aviation Pioneers.

8/04/77    Bobbi is honored with a Plaque from the EAA Golden Age National Air Races Day at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

07/18-22/79    Bobbi is one of 14 charter members attending the Annual Ninety-Nines Convention in Albany, New York.

11/02/79    Bobbi is awarded the Charter Appreciation Plaque, San Diego Aerospace Historical Center, on the 50th Anniversary of the Ninety-Nines.

10/13/84    Bobbi is inducted into the OX 5 Aviation Pioneers Hall of Fame.

03/16/93    Bobbi is named to the Women in Aviation International Hall of Fame.

01/18/96    Bobbi receives the Howard Hughes Memorial Award for her lifetime contribution to aviation--the first woman to receive this honor.

11/98    Bobbi is honored and entered in the Flight Path Learning Center Walk of Fame.

7/17/99    Bobbi receives Proclamation from the City of Los Angeles, celebrating the 70th anniversary of her first solo world record flight. She is presented the award at the Van Nuys air show with 270,000 in attendance.

08/14/99    Bobbi is honored at the Van Nuys Air Show and awarded a plaque from the City of Los Angeles for her 70 years of contributions to the aviation world.

01/24/03    Bobbi Trout dies at age 97 in San Diego, CA.

02/23/03    Burbank Airport hosts the Bobbi Trout "Celebration of Life" in honor of all of Bobbi's accomplishments. The Condor Squadron pays tribute with the "Missing Pilot" formation fly-by.

03/22/03    Bobbi Trout is posthumously honored at the 2003 Women in Aviation International Conference as one of the 100 most influential women in aviation.

04/25/03    Bobbi Trout is interred at Valhalla Aviation Portal of the Folded Wings.