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Thank You Page

Bobbi's Celebration of Life could not have been possible without the help of so many. We have listed special thank-you notes here. If we've missed anyone in particular, please let us know.

  • Burbank Airport - Without the grand offer of Hangar #34, Bobbi's celebration would not have been the same. Our special thanks to Pat O'Donoghue, her husband Jim, Suzanne Kursh and Victor Gill for the many hours you donated to this project before, during and after the event. Thank you for your kindness and flexibility throughout the entire weekend.

  • Hazel Trout - Your joy and enthusiasm in the preparation and celebration of Bobbi's life will not be forgotten. Thank you for your all of your help and for the flowing champagne.

  • Brook and Lydia Trout and Family - Thank you for your direction, thoughtful memories and for your contribution of the flowing champagne. You traveled far to be present, and it was greatly appreciated.

  • Cheryl Baker - Thank you for your undying energy and love for Bobbi. Your hard work, organizational skills and diplomacy were invaluable to the entire project, which you began weeks before the actual celebration. The photo presentation was priceless. We can't say enough about how much you've done, and continue to do, to educate the world concerning Bobbi's contributions. Without you, there may not have been such a wonderful gathering of friends.

  • Susan Theurkauf and Monie Pease - Thank you both for speaking about Bobbi and for your ability to help pick up the missing pieces to make a whole, specifically with the displays, the PA system, extension cords, wine, table dressings, etc., etc. Your time and efforts were of great assistance. (And thanks, Susan, for providing lodging and entertainment for out-of-town guests.)

  • Lorraine Doyle - Thank you for your respect and love for Bobbi. Your words were eloquent and deeply touching to all.

  • Gil Cefaratt - Thanks for your help in the physical arena of the setup phase. You helped with whatever was needed at the moment. And thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories of Bobbi.

  • Laurel Schaefer - Thank you for hauling your TV, video tape player and your TV stand to the hangar to allow everyone to view interviews with Bobbi. She was thrilled to meet you and enjoyed every moment of your conversations.

  • Phil Dockter - Thank you so much for donating your time and money to create the wonderful commemorative Bobbi Trout buttons. They were gone before you could blink.

  • Stan and Kim McClain - Thank you for filming the event. The world looks forward to seeing the end result of your work. Your project will be a wonderful tribute to Bobbi and a great archive for American history.

  • The Flying Condors - What a most extraordinary tribute to our dear friend. The power and elegance of the moment was truly emotional and inspiring, and it gave us all a chance to say "good-bye" and "we'll see you later in that big, blue sky, Bobbi."

  • The Aviation Community at Large - What a family! Bobbi loved all of you. Thank you for remembering a most exceptional, dear and wonderful soul and for making her day so very special. Thank you to ALL who attended.